공지Succeeded in commercializing White smoke and Fine dust reduction device technology of Nuriplan

등록일 : 2020.02.03조회수 : 11774

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White smoke from factory is aggravated during the warm winter. Harmful substances such as odor, fine dust and etc., from White smoke threaten the health of people.

The government and local governments are offering various alternatives to solve the air pollution problem. Nuriplan has invested billions for 6 years to develop 'White smoke and fine dust reduction device'. 

And finally they succeeded in commercializing technology to catch White smoke and fine dust.

Nuriplan's White smoke and fine dust reduction device has been receiving favorable reviews since its first installation at the Foseco Plant in Korea in July 2018, and contract orders are increasing.

They established the production lines and R&D for mass supply of products. And UnisonHKR takes a role of production base.

Nuriplan is planning to introduce various products by focusing on the air environment business and to make efforts to develop not only domestic but also overseas market.

Foseco. in Bucheon, Korea